Nova Scotia

TELUQ in Montreal

TELUQ, or the “University of Today,” is an online university that is a part of the University of Quebec, Montreal. This online institution aims for student success, and by offering courses at the convenience of the student, continuing your education can easily fit into your busy life.

Online Marketplaces in Canada Kijiji, Lespac, Craigslist

If you’re relocating for only a short duration, you may not want to go out and spend thousands of dollars on new furniture, a bike, or a television. Well, there is good news! Online marketplaces like Kijiji, Craigslist, and Lespac, offer person-to-person classifieds for all sorts of household. These websites are fantastic

Importing a Firearm/Weapon to Canada: Prohibited Weapons and Devices

If you enjoy hunting wild game or fishing, you may be thinking of bringing you firearm or weapon to Canada, or importing one that you have bought outside the country on a trip. If this is the case, there are laws and regulations that you should be aware of that are in place to keep Canada’s residents and visitors safe, and prevent the importation of illegal weapons.

Importing a Firearm to Canada: Firearm Specifications

Firearm specification is a way for the Canada Border Agency (CBSA) to make ensure that a weapon is classified correctly for importation, licensing and authorization purposes. When importing a firearm to Canada, the barrel measurement as well as the muzzle velocity of firearms is most commonly used to assist with this process.

Perfect Summer BBQ Recipes

As the weather warms up and the cold winter months become a distant memory, you will probably find yourself wanting to spend as much time as you can outside, soaking up the sun and fresh air. Summer is the perfect season to spend with friends and family, and an outdoor barbecue is one of the Montrealers favorite summer pastimes.