TELUQ in Montreal

TELUQ, or the “University of Today,” is an online university that is a part of the University of Quebec, Montreal. This online institution aims for student success, and by offering courses at the convenience of the student, continuing your education can easily fit into your busy life.

Study Permit Or Work Permit in Quebec: The Need To Knows

When you relocate to Quebec with a work permit or study permit, you will find yourself reading pages of rules that apply to your visa, and possibly questioning what you are allowed to do while that permit is valid. There are so many formalities that come with permits, so we have put together a beginner’s list of things you should definitely know about your study permit or work permit.

Bishop’s University in Quebec

With just fewer than 3,000 students, Bishop’s University in Quebec provides an intimate learning environment for both Canadian and international students. Community, discovery, excellence and sustainability are at the heart of its identity, and faculty and staff use these values to foster an educational experience that encourages students to build knowledge long after graduating.