New Drivers: Obtaining an Ontario Driver’s License

If you already have a driver’s license in the country from which you are relocating, and you have considerable experience driving, the process of obtaining your Ontario Driver’s License is not too difficult. But if you’re new to driving, the it is a bit more involved. Ontario cares about road safety and preparedness, so there is a graduated licensing process. Here are the details!

Obtaining an Ontario Driver’s License

Depending on where you are from, you may be used to driving to get from place to place, and you may want to do the same here! In Ontario, licenses are blue cards that have your photo and address clearly stated on them. The process of acquiring your Ontario driver’s license will depend on whether you’re already a licensed driver or you’re a new driver. Here’s some helpful information on what do do in both cases.

Weighing your options for having a car in Toronto

So, you love driving, and want to have a car after relocating to Toronto? Who can blame you? Cars offer the freedom of getting out of town whenever you’d like (for a weekend trip to Montreal, perhaps, or to spend time at one of Toronto’s breathtaking national parks). They can also make big grocery shopping trips easier. But be advised, sometimes having a car in the city is more trouble than it’s worth.