Registering an Imported Car in Quebec

If you are bringing in a car from outside of Quebec, there are certain procedures you have to follow in order to ensure you can legally drive it, and that it is properly registered with the province. Although we have included below a list of documents that will be required, it is definitely recommended that you contact the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) before going to a service center and registering your vehicle.

Hitchhiking in Quebec

Outside of the city of Montreal, hitchhiking in Quebec is pretty widely accepted. If you ask someone for a ride, rather than standing with your thumb out, you many get a surprised look, but probably a positive reaction. It’s important to realize that given the sheer size of Quebec and Canada, a neighboring town may be up to 30 kilometres away. A town even 100 kilometres away can be considered “local.”