Visas & Immigration

Study Permit Or Work Permit in Quebec: The Need To Knows

When you relocate to Quebec with a work permit or study permit, you will find yourself reading pages of rules that apply to your visa, and possibly questioning what you are allowed to do while that permit is valid. There are so many formalities that come with permits, so we have put together a beginner’s list of things you should definitely know about your study permit or work permit.

Importing a Firearm to Canada: Firearm Specifications

Firearm specification is a way for the Canada Border Agency (CBSA) to make ensure that a weapon is classified correctly for importation, licensing and authorization purposes. When importing a firearm to Canada, the barrel measurement as well as the muzzle velocity of firearms is most commonly used to assist with this process.

Canadian Citizenship

When you relocate to Quebec, you may find yourself thinking to the future, and the option of staying permanently in Canada. If this is a possibility for you and your family, Canadian Citizenship is the way to go, but there are steps that you will need to take in order to do this.

Importing a Firearm to Canada: Classifications

If you are importing a firearm to Canada, be aware of the classifications (non-restricted, restricted, prohibited, antique firearms), and make sure that your firearm is legal for importation. You will need proper and completed documentation for your firearm, and you must be able to prove that it is non-restricted, or meets the standard for a restricted firearm.

Pet Travel to Canada

Traveling by plane with a pet is much like traveling with a child – they require just as much care and attention. Sometimes the best option is not to have them on the plane with you. There are a couple pet travel options. For a fee, your pet can fly in the passenger cabin or as checked luggage.

Importing a Car to Canada

When importing a car to Canada, you first must comply with the federal laws, and then proceed to check with the specific province about their importation/registration rules and regulations. Know that if you want to import a vehicle from somewhere other than the U.S., it is almost impossible to do.