The Top 5 Nature Destinations in BC to visit this summer

British Columbia is known for its diverse wealth of natural beauty from picturesque coastlines to the breathtaking peaks of the Canadian Rockies, locals and travelers flock to the province to enjoy sightseeing, leisure and adventure. With warm weather, sunshine, and vacation time, summer is one of the best times to explore BC’s exciting landscape. So pack up that sunblock and plan a road trip to any of our top five nature destinations in BC.

Eve Cone

Nature Destinations in BC

Ever wonder what a real volcano looks like? Now’s the time to explore one! Eve Cone is a one of the amazing volcanic cinder cones in Mount Edziza Provincial Park. The park itself is a breathtaking expanse of unspoiled wilderness where visitors enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, campfire, and wildlife viewing. Eve cone, which is about 1,3000 years old, is eye-catching, stretching up into the sky amidst the plateau landscape. Even though the volcanic cinder cone is delicate, you can climb to the top on established routes.

Haida Gwaii

Nature Destinations in BC

There’s so much to recommend a trip to this collection of island of British Columbia’s northwest coasts – the diversity of wildlife (whales, dolphins, puffins), which you can explore via kayak, the charming town communities, and the sensational old-growth rainforest. Aside from making our list of top nature destinations in BC, Haida Gwaii was chosen as one of National Geographic’s 20 Best Trips 2015, and once your experience the incredible beauty, you’ll understand why.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Nature Destinations in BC

This fabulous park is located on the west coast of Vancouver Islands has three separate regions to explore, each with their own geographic beauty. Long Beach, the most visited and accessible part of the tree regions offers magnificent Pacific coastlines that nurture picturesque beaches and a booming surfing community. Long beach also provides opportunity for tent and trailer camping, so you can stay right on location during your beach vacation. Next, Broken Group Islands is fashioned out of more than 100 small islands and inlets you can access by boat. Kayakers love to explore this mysterious collection of  water-locked land. Finally, the West Coast Trail connects snakes along the coast of Vancouver Islands, providing nature lovers with a path through rocky beaches and lush rainforest. For the real adventurer, the trail can be completed in from five to seven days.

Alaska Highway

Nature Destinations in BC

If it’s about time for an extended vacation or adventure, traveling through the wilderness mecca of the Alaska Highway is sure to satisfy your travel bug. This historic route spans nearly 1,000 kilometers through British Columbia, and offers breathtaking of views of the towering Rocky Mountains, herds of bison and other animals and a variety of great destinations. Spend a day soaking in the steaming natural pools at Liard River Hot Springs, which have year-around temperatures ranging from 42 degrees celsius to 52 degrees celsius. Take some time to explore the charming community of Dawson Creek, and be sure to take time to stretch your legs in the beautiful Muncho Lake Provincial Park.

Della Falls

Nature Destinations in BC

Consider by most to be the highest waterfall in Canada, a trip to Della Falls is strictly for the real outdoor adventurer. It is only accessible via a 16 kilometer hike (about four or five hours) beginning Great Central. The hike isn’t strenuous though – it consists primarily of a gentle, uphill slope, with a few steeper spots along the way. Once you’re there, you’ve earned the opportunity to see an impressive, towering waterfall and you can camp nearby for free – that’s why it’s one of our favorite nature destinations in BC.

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