4 Fun Workouts in Vancouver

Staying in shape is extremely important, but when you arrive in a new city you may not know where you can work out.  In Vancouver there are plenty of possibilities to stay fit in all seasons. Here are 4 fun workouts in Vancouver to get you on the path to health and wellbeing!

Bikram yoga

555 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, (604) 568-0688


Ready to sweat? Bikram yoga is practiced in a hot room, which allows your body to release all toxin as you move from pose to pose. Traditionally, a session lasts 90 minutes and consists of  about 26 unique yoga postures. This special and increasingly popular kind of yoga is offered in Vancouver for $120 per month, $420 for three months, $640 for six months and 1,200$ for 1 year. With a membership you can take as many classes you want! Passes are also available for a specific number of classes, rather than a time frame.

Water Aerobics at the YWCA

535 Hornby Street, Vancouver, (604) 895-5777

workouts in Vancouver

Affordable prices and a fun, challenging workout lands water aerobics on our list of fun workouts in Vancouver.  Local YWCAs offer huge workout centers with all sorts of facilities, including a pool, where water aerobics lessons are offered daily for members. You will find a variety classes to work different parts of the body, focus on cardio, or improve stability in water. The pool is indoors, so you can even train in winter! A regular membership to the YWCA is 65$ per month to access all facilities and classes, and there is a special price for students, who pay 50$ per month. You can also take a one month trial, 10 visit-pass, and one visit only costs 17$.

Origins Parkour on Main Street

2655 Main Street, Vancouver, (604) 558-1779

workouts in Vancouver

Parkour, a unique sport that involves trying to move from point A to point B as efficiently as possible, is growing in popularity, originally started in France, but it’s growing in popularity in North America, too. Parkour consists of climbing, running, balancing and jumping. While it is traditionally practiced outside on buildings, Origins Parkour is a training studio, where you can learn with few risks  all year around. There are different classes for different age groups, starting from five years old. You can pay an open access to the gym only for 60$ per month, or sign up for unlimited gym and unlimited classes, which costs $190 per month (this price can be lowered with a six-month contract: $170 per month; or a one year contract: $150 per month). Parkour is definitely one of the most unique and dynamic workouts in Vancouver, perfect for those who want to get their adrenaline pumping.

TRX, pilates, kickboxing, and bootcamp at Urban Fitness

928 Davie Street, Vancouver, (604) 696-554, and 2213 Granville Street, Vancouver, (604) 428-5555


Urban Fitness has two great locations in Vancouver. They are known for their hardcore kickboxing bootcamps and classes, but you can also practice all kinds of fitness sports including TRX and pilates, there. TRX is suspension training that uses ropes and webbing so you work out with your own body weight. Pilates helps improve improve your self-control, flexibility, and strength. With kickboxing and boot camp you will release the pressure and blow off steam. You can even sign up to work with a personal trainer. Pricing options range from single, drop-in classes, yearly memberships or 10-or 20-pass books.

Try one of these fabulous workouts in Vancouver, to take care of your body at any time of the year. If these aren’t for you, know that Vancouver is a heath-consious and active city with seemingly endless opportunities for fitness and well-being!

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