Four Great Trips From Calgary

Once you are well settled in Calgary, you may feel compelled to explore the landscape that lies beyond the city limits. Alberta is one Western Canada’s major cities, located between Saskatchewan to the east and British Columbia to the west, and only a three-hour drive to the U.S. border. Here’s a list of four great trips from Calgary you can take when you’re ready to get out of town and explore!

Fort McMurray

( A seven-hour drive from Calgary, or a one-hour plane ride)


Northeast of Calgary, Fort McMurray is Alberta’s true “Gateway to the North” . It has a lot to offer for tourists, including local attractions, historic sites and sports and recreation opportunities. In Heritage Park you can discover a historic village stuck in time between 1900 and 1930. Macdonald Island Park offers family fun, like swimming,  golf, and special concerts. You can also visit the Marine Park to see river boats of yesterday, and book a tour to visit the Oil Sands Discover Centre, largest oil sand development in the world to see how they extract oil.

Canadian Rockies

(Two hours from Calgary by car)

The many provincial parks, resorts and sightseeing destinations of the picturesque Canadian Rockies provide endless opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, ice skating and other adventurous outdoor activities. Sunshine Village, Lake Louise or Norquay are major destinations for winter activities. In summer months, enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, and rock climbing in Lake Louise or Canmore. You can also visit Banff National Park for only 9.80$ per person. Its is truly one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

 Canadian Badlands

(One-and-a-half hours from Calgary by car)


One of our favorite trips from Calgary, The Canadian Badlands are a unique landscape of rock formations and terrain located in Alberta, and  easily accessible from Calgary. Aside from the mesmerizing landscape, other area attractions in the town of Drumheller include the  the “world’s largest dinosaur,”  the Royal Terrell Museum (which has exciting and unique paleontology exhibits) and the Canadian Badlands Passion Play, a dramatic retelling of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, named by the Canadian Bus Association as one of the top 100 attractions in Canada.


(A three-hour drive from Calgary, or 45 minutes by plane)

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta may be smaller than Calgary, but it has a lot to offer and is certainly worth a trip. It is famous in Canada for its diverse and numerous festivals – more than 50 every year! You can plan your trip around one of them. Pretty Edmonton also attracts tourists to its large the zoo, the TELUS World of Science Museums, may art galleries, and upscale restaurants and eateries. There are quite a few a lot of beautiful parks around the city, which are amazing at any time of the year, whatever the season.

Discovering your surroundings is an important and fun part of relocation. A trip out of Calgary may help you relax and recharge. We at home that you will enjoy these four great trips from Calgary.

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Before my family and I relocated to Canada where I received a teaching opportunity at one of the country’s renowned universities, my wife and kids were naturally full of questions. What would the schools be like? How does healthcare work? Is Canadian French very different than European French? What about Canadian English verses European English? How cold are those frigid northern winters we’ve heard so much about? The only way to fully understand a new city or country is to experience it first-hand. My family and I decided to embrace our relocation as an adventure. Years after the move, we still consider “The Great White North” our home, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with our quality of life here. // Avant que ma famille et moi-même soyons relocalisés au Canada parce que j’ai eu l’opportunité d’aller enseigner dans l’une des universités assez réputée du pays, ma femme et mes enfants avaient naturellement beaucoup de questions. A quoi ressemblent les écoles ? Comment fonctionne le système de santé ? Le français canadien est-il vraiment différent de celui parlé en France ? L’anglais canadien est-il vraiment différent de celui parlé en Europe? Est-ce que les hivers sont vraiment très rigoureux? La meilleure façon de comprendre entièrement une nouvelle ville et un pays est d’en faire personnellement l’expérience. Ma famille et moi avons décidé de voir la relocalisation comme une aventure. Quelques années plus tard, nous considérons “Le Grand Nord Blanc” comme notre maison et nous ne pourrions pas être plus satisfaits.