7 Interesting Pets for Apartment Living

In Quebec, the laws about the kinds of pets you can have is more relaxed than in many other countries, so if you aren’t a dog or a cat person, why not consider something that is still a loving friend, but takes less time to care for and won’t take up much space.

Take a look at the 7 interesting pets for apartment living that you may not have thought of. These may be a good compromise if your children want pets, but you don’t have much extra time.

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      1. Hedgehogs: Although a bit prickly, hedgehogs are great pets for apartment living because they are small, live in a small environments, and still form emotional connections with people. Not to mention they don’t spread dander, so they are hypoallergenic. They are also great for kids, as they like to run around and play.
      2. Snakes: Not the best idea if you have young children, as there are some safety concerns. However snakes are clean, low maintenance (usually eat live mice once or twice a week which you can purchase at the pet store) and they can be found in some very beautiful colors. They do like to be held, but are happy to slither around their cage, so they’re great for apartment living.
      3. Hermit Crabs: Instead of fish, which live short lives, hermit crabs have quite a long life span. They live in small habitats and don’t require much attention. But they can be taken out and played with if you want to. This interesting pet may not be cuddly, but can be hours of entertainment.
      4. Fighting Fish: If you do enjoy fish, fighting fish are a great option as they have a longer lifespan than goldfish. They look beautiful with their eclectic colors and fanned out tails, so they double as visual piece in your home, and start up many conversations.
      5. Hamsters: Since you can buy a cage they best fits your space, their living options are endless. They offer hours of fun and love rolling around the house in balls. They also enjoy being cuddled. They can begin to smell if their cage isn’t cleaned once a week, but are generally clean animals, and great for kids.
      6. Micro Pigs: A new trend in the pet market, these teacup sized friends are absolutely adorable, love to interact with people, and don’t bark. They also love vegetable scraps, so feeding them is a simple task. You can do it while you make dinner. Easy to clean, and virtually odorless, they are also hypoallergenic – perfect for apartment living if you have allergies.
      7. Sugar Gliders: These cute little animals that make interesting pets have a lifespan of up to 15 years. They are also extremely social creatures. They are more than happy to play a little bit, but will also sit quietly with you while you work. Their living arrangements are much like a rabbits, so a small cage is all that’s required.


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