5 Best Toronto Dog Parks

If you’re relocating to Toronto with man’s best friend, you should be happy to learn that Torontonians LOVE their dogs. All over the city, you’ll see people walking dogs on the streets, stopping at water fountains to give them a drink, or unleashing so they can run and play freely with other dogs at one of the numerous Toronto dog parks.

There are more than 50 Toronto dog parks and off-leash scattered in every district of the city, from the East York District to Scarborough and the center city. Some are fenced in and some have benches for owners to sit on while Fido gets his workout. Some provide dog poop bags and a few are  accessible 24-hours. We’re not going to list them all for you, but here’s a rundown of my five favorite places to let my four-legged friend!

Cherry Beach, 275 Unwin Ave. 

Perfect for any dog that loves to swim, run, and play with other pooches, Cherry Beach is an on the shores of Lake Ontario that has both sandy beaches and tree-covered areas. There’s a fence of the north side and it’s bordered by the lake, so the area is fairly secure. For the comfort of dog owners, there are public bathrooms that are open seasonally. It’s wonderful scenic location for humans and dogs alike!


High Park, 1873 Bloor St. West

Located on Bloor Street West, this large, scenic location is peppered with cherry blossoms, a huge playground and even a small zoo for the kids. When it comes to K-9s, the perfect place for them is the area affectionately called “Dog Hill.” Dog hill would be a fairly standard off-rash area, expect that it connects to plenty of walking trails that are also off-leash areas. You and your dog will feel comfortable here, thanks to on-site washrooms and water fountains for both dogs and people. This isn’t a fenced location, so be sure to keep an eye on Fido while you enjoy a leisurely visit to High Park.

Sir Winston Churchill Park, 301 St Clair Ave. West

If you ask the local dog owners, don’t be surprised if they tell you that Sir Winston Churchill Park on St. Clair Avenue is the best of the best when it comes to off-leash dog parks in Toronto. This park has it all, from a huge grassy fenced-in field and lots of trails to magnificent views of downtown Toronto. It’s so big that there’s plenty of space for both small dogs and large ones. The convenient location is easy to get to by public transportation and even outside of the off-leash area, people are pretty relaxed about dogs off their leashes.  There’s a water fountain with a dog bowl available seasonal. Spring and summer months are best here, as the are can become a bit icy in the winter.


Sherwood Park, 190 Sherwood Ave.

This is wonderful north district location for accompanying your dog on a stroll through a network of wooded trails. Sherwood Park a very scenic location with centuries-old trees and diverse terrain. It’s a feast for the senses of all dogs. Because the fence along the trails isn’t complete, it’s not the  best Toronto dog parks option for dogs without good recall skills, as they could get away from you. There’s plenty of free parking available  too.

Willowdale Off Leash Dog Area, 3230 Bayview Ave. 

This spot, nearby to the Bayview Arena is popular amongst dog owners, so expect your dog to socialize and play with the other visitors. The large green space is secured by a dense and a double gate system to go in and out. There’s no separate space for small dogs – dogs of all sizes play together. This off leash area also has lots of parking available.

There you have it, our top five picks for Toronto dog parks. be sure to explore these and all the other great spots when you relocate to Toronto. 

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