Pet Adoption in Quebec

If you are looking for a furry friend when you’re relocating to Montreal you may be considering looking at purebreds from breeders or pet stores. However, pet adoption in Quebec is a great option. Adopting allows you to provide a loving home for a previously unloved or unwanted animal, and it also discourages purchases from puppy mills.


When considering pet adoption in Quebec, you should think about:

  • Whether or not you are willing and able to be responsible for the cost of owning a pet (food, veterinary visits, grooming, etc).
  • Whether or not you have time to care for a pet. Time, to an animal, is more valuable than money!
  • Whether or not you are willing to help your new pet adapt to a new home, and in many cases overcome things such as anxiety, aggression and the urge to chew on your belongings.
  • If and when you move back to your home country, are you willing to take your pet with you?

Pet Adoption at the SPCA

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was founded in 1869. It was the first humane society in Canada, and aims to protect the rights, and prevent cruelty of animals. The cost of pet adoption in Quebec at the SPCA starts at about $250. This may seem like a large cost however it does include the cost spaying or neutering the animal, the first vaccination set, deworming and microchipping.

In general, the older the dog, the less expensive they are to adopt, but, you should be aware that it’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks, and they may take longer to adjust to their new home. You can visit the SPCA from  Monday to Friday from noon to 8:00 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to find the perfect pet. For more information, visit the SPCA website.

Other Pet Adoption Options

Rosie Animal Adoption, Adopt-a-pet, Gerdys Rescue and Adoptions, and Craigslist are also great places to find animals that need new homes when you are moving to Montreal. Many times, these animal aren’t abused, but belong to owners who can no longer care for their pets due to finances, living situations or moving. These animals that are perfect for pet adoption, and may be a wonderful companion for you and your family.

From all of us here at, we hope you find a pet that is perfect for you!


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