Best Gluten Free Bakeries in Vancouver

There are plenty of reasons people avoid gluten in their diet. Some suffer from Celiac disease, a painful medical condition in which the small intestine is damaged by gluten, and is unable to absorb fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals. Others have less serious, but still painful gluten intolerance. There’s also a growing trend amongst people who do not suffer from these ailments to go gluten free in support of overall health and wellness.

Going gluten free is a big lifestyle change. Gluten, a mixture of proteins, is found in all wheat and other grains including barley and rye. It makes dough elastic and helps keep it chewy and well-shaped. If you are thinking about pursuing a gluten-free diet one of the biggest challenges may be finding tasty substitutes to your favorite baked goods, from pizza crusts to pastries. Lot’s of people complain about sub-par, bad-tasting replacements. But going gluten-free doesn’t have to be an assault on your taste buds, especially in Vancouver, where you’ll find an enticing variety of artisan bakers. Here’s a list of some of the best and most popular Gluten free bakeries in Vancouver. Try these out, or ask your neighbourhood bakery for gluten free options.

Bakeries in Vancouver

Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery

If you have any reservations that gluten free food can taste good, you need to stop at Lemonade. Located conveniently on Cambie Street, Lemonade is 100 per cent gluten free, all natural and environmentally conscious.  Locals tout its pastries as the best of the best – both delicious and fresh. They offer everything from savory breads baked daily to cakes, tarts, pastries and all kinds of cookies. Besides gluten-free options, there are also dairy free, egg free, and sugar-free options. Be sure to check out Lemonade’s special Christmas menu during the holidays – there’s fruit cake, stollen, dairy free chocolate raspberry yule log, chocolate bark and other options, so you can have a sweet holiday, sans gluten. Definitely one of the best gluten free bakeries in Vancouver.

 The Gluten Free Epicurean

This gluten-free bakery is luxury and creativity paired with well-being, with an extremely friendly and helpful staff to boot. They feature daily specials like Boston cream donuts, stromboli, maple pecan pumpkin cinnamon buns and lemon blueberry fritters. You can give your tastebuds a treat with cakes like German chocolate and raspberry coconut, as well as cookies (we recommend the salted espresso or peanut butter). They also sell bars, donuts and a host of other treats. If you’re looking for a more substantial savory menu, you’ll also find pizza, baguettes, mini quiches and more. Find them on E 15th Avenue.

Bakeries in Vancouver

Two Daughters Bakeshop 

This locally-owned bakery, located on East 1st Street, features foods with as many locally grown and raised products as possible. Aside from pastries like cookies, quick breads and  gluten free Nanaimo bars (a Vancouver favourite!) Two Daughters focuses on a savory menu, with a lunch menu featuring grilled veggie panini, bagels, pizza and more.  You can also enjoy gluten-free baking classes which can teach you the basics of gluten free flour blending and help you understand the gluten free lifestyle.  Prices are reasonable and the food is delicious!

Bakeries in Vancouver

Edible Flours

While technically a vegan bakery, Edible Flours has a good selection of gluten-free options, so we’re adding it to our lat of best gluten free bakeries in Vancouver. All the goodies here are natural and 100 percent dairy and egg free, from the traditional chocolate chip cookies to decadent cakes for special occasions. We love the gluten free banana chocolate chip, mocha and spiced carrot loaves as well as the cinnamon rolls, and gluten free chocolate chip, lemon or ginger cookies and cakes. Find Edible Flours on West Broadway in Kitsilano.

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