The Government in Quebec

When you relocate to Quebec, you may want to know a little about the government in the province, and how it works, even though you may not be able to vote until you become a Canadian Citizen.

Aside from the Federal Government, which regulates laws across Canada, the provincial government in Quebec runs as a parliamentary Democracy. In Quebec, the provincial government consists of the Parliament and the Government. The Government and Parliament  in Quebec represent separate executive power and legislative power.

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The Parliament in Quebec is the body that oversees how the government applies laws within the province. It also looks over proposed legislation (bills) created by the Government. Parliament in Quebec is made up of the National Assembly and the Lieutenant Governor, and it represents the legislative power in the province.

  • The National Assembly is made up of 125 members who are elected by the public. Its role is to pass the legislation that is specific to Quebec.
  • The Lieutenant Governor is the highest ranking chief administrative official in Quebec. He or she cannot be biased publicly about political parties, activities, or organizations, and no law is official until is has been signed by the Lieutenant Governor.

The Government

The Government in Quebec consists of the Cabinet (or Executive Board) and the Premier. It is made up of people from the party who holds the majority of seats in the National Assembly. They are essentially elected representatives from the party. The Government holds the executive power in Quebec.

  • The Premier is appointed by the lieutenant governor. He or she is the leader of the party that holds the most seats. The Premier selects the members of the Executive Council (Cabinet), and does not lose power unless he or she loses the confidence of the majority of Cabinet members.
  • The Cabinet (or Executive Board) consists of members of the winning party selected by the Premier. It is the body that makes the decisions in the government in Quebec. Administration and operations of Quebec are controlled by the Cabinet.


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