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When it comes to languages, Toronto is a special and unique city. Canada is officially a bilingual French and English country, and English is the most common language in Toronto, but a whopping 45 percent of  Toronto inhabitants speak a mother tongue that is neither French nor English. Nearly 30 percent of the city’s residents speak a different language at home.

Whether you fall into this category and need to strengthen your command of English (or French) for business reasons, or you would simply like to broaden you understanding of another language, Toronto is the perfect place to pursue it. There is a strong network of language courses in Toronto and options to fit your life, from full-time and part-time studies, to online courses with flexible schedules. Language schools give you the added benefit of building a community and meeting other’s in the same boat as you.


Living in an environment where you do not know the language can be challenging, and even seemingly small tasks like understanding street signs or restaurant menus can be taxing. So Here’s a look at just a few of your options for language courses in Toronto:

Toronto School Board English ClassesThe Toronto School Board offers great options for those learning English as a second language. They promote literacy and education about the community and have locations in the north, south, east and west areas of the city. These classes are perfect for those who would like to gain Canadian citizenship as they teach the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, Canadian history, government, economy, regions and much more. Even better, these classes are free for Canada residents, and just $7 per hour for visitors. Call 416.338.4300.

 LINC Home Study: The Center for Education and Training’s Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada program offers a flexible home study option. This allows newcomers to choose between online studies or correspondence learning options, which are flexible to fit in busy schedules. While this is an independent learning structure, students have one-to-one weekly lessons via internet or telephone. For more info, call 905-949-0049 ext. 1257.

University of Toronto English Language Program:  The University of Toronto offers a top-notch language program. International students choose to study here in order to prepare for work or study and enhance their day-to-day communication in English. Their English PLUS and part-time courses are great options for those wishing to strengthen their daily communication, while part-time group courses and customized courses provide options that are optimal for those learning English for professional purposes. Before entering classes, you will need to take a language assessment through WMCA. For more information on these programs, call 416-978-2400.

Other local universities offer English as a Second Language (ESL) and French as a Second Language (FSL) courses, so be sure to check your options.

Hansa Language Centre: If you are interested in learning a language other than French or English, this is a great option. The Hansa Language Centre offers classes in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and more. Class size is small (from six to eight students) and you can take as few or as many courses as you’d like. Each course costs about $380. Call 416-487-8643.

For more great options for language courses in Toronto, contact your local community recreation centre.

From the team, happy studies!


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