Laval University in Quebec

As the first university in North America to offer a French post-secondary education, Laval University is the oldest higher education institution in Canada. It was established in 1663 and is located on the outskirts of Quebec City. The student population is more than 30,000 undergraduate students, with about 10,000 part time students. It has earned the distinction of having one of the highest graduation rates amongst universities in Quebec. This university has a certified sustainable campus. It has a multitude of sustainable initiatives in place and offers students the opportunity to learn about sustainable living practices.


These are approximate, and change depending on a student’s program and level of study, as well as how many credits he or she is enrolled to take. It is based on two semesters a year.

  • Quebec residents: $2,800
  • Students from other Canadian provinces: $6,800
  • International students: starting at about from $15,500 to $18,000


Laval University in Quebec has four on-campus residence halls, where all rooms are single occupant, cost about $300 per month, and include common facilities such as a laundry, kitchen, student cafes, and study areas. If you prefer to live off-campus there are plenty of options that are close by the university such as houses, studios, apartments, and rooms.


Laval University in Quebec offers 17 faculties in areas including healthcare, arts, design, various sciences, social science, and religion. It offers degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. A distance program is also offered, which allows for amazing flexibility if you need to work around your life. These distance courses are taught by Laval University professors, through a variety of communication options, and with almost 70 programs, (and about 700 online courses) you’ll be able to build a degree, or extend your learning, without interrupting a busy schedule. The university also offers many internships and study abroad programs to its students.

If you’d like to take a tour of the campus, click here, and for information on admissions, visit the Laval University admissions page.


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