Tips and Taxes in Quebec

When you relocate to Quebec, tips and taxes in Quebec are two things you’ll want to understand before you go out to eat or go shopping so you won’t  be caught off guard by the bill!


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Tips in Quebec

When you purchase services in Quebec, tipping is a cultural must. It shows your appreciation for the service, and you can base the percentage of tip on how good the service was. It is always your choice to tip or not, except for waiters and waitresses, since their salary is lower than that of other employees. Their salary includes the money they make in tips.

  • At the restaurant, you will tip a customary minimum 15 per cent, but if you received good service, 20 per cent  is more appropriate. You can certainly tip more if service was exceptional.
  • With large restaurant reservations, gratuity may be added automatically to the bill and is usually 18 per cent, but you may also add a tip. Just be sure to check the bill so you know if you are double tipping.
  • For services such as hairdressers, estheticians, taxi drivers, plumbers, contractors, a 10 per cent tip is usually the minimum, however you can tip more, of course.
  • At coffee shops and smaller restaurants to-go, you will probably notice a tip jar on the counter. $1 or $2 in the jar is nice, but you can also put your change in it if you choose. Either way, it is always a nice touch.
  • At a bar, $1 or $2 per drink is expected, but remember that it may be better to open a tab, as you can tip just 15 per cent once when you are ready to leave, instead of each time you order.
  • At hotels, it is nice to offer the baggage boy or valet a tip of a few dollars when they park and retrieve your car. You don’t have to tip them every time if you are in and out a lot, but when you leave it is nice to leave a tip of around $10 for their troubles.

Sales Taxes in Quebec

The prices you will see on the tag or on the menu do not include sales taxes, so remember to think about that when you calculate your expenses. Currently in Quebec, the sales taxes combine the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the provincial Quebec Sales Tax (QST). Total, it is 15 per cent. Keep in mind that when purchasing expensive items such as cars, furniture, or newly-built condos, this 15 per cent  is a significant amount of money!

I wish you good luck with the mental math figuring tips and taxes in Quebec!


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