Quebec Driving Laws

In Quebec, as with any other country, certain laws and regulations must be obeyed by license holders. Quebec driving laws, in many cases, are similar to other countries, but if you aren’t sure about something, common sense will point you in the right direction. Or, you can visit the Montreal Police website (category: road safety). We couldn’t possible provide you with every law, but we here at thought this list of important Quebec driving laws is a great start when relocating to Montreal.


Alcohol Consumption and Drugs

  • In Quebec, the legal blood-alcohol content limit is 0.8 for the holder of a full Quebec license. The number of drinks that can put a person over the limit varies in conjunction with gender, height, weight and age.If you are stopped by the police, they may ask you to do some sobriety tests, which could include an eye movement test, walking and turning and standing on one leg. If you refuse to take these tests there is cause for arrest.
  • Legal and illegal drug consumption can be cause for arrest, as both can impair your ability to drive. If you are suspected to be under the influence of legal or illegal drugs, you will be taken to the police station for tests.
  • You can also be arrested for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol if you are sitting in the driver’s seat of a car, but the car is stopped.
  • For more detailed information, visit the SAAQ website.

Seat Belts

  • Children under age 16 years not wearing a license results in a $115 fine to the driver of the vehicle as well as three demerit points.
  • When older than 16 years of age, individuals are issued tickets at a minimum of $115 and three demerit points  for not wearing their seatbelt properly, not wearing their seatbelt at all, driving a vehicle with a child who should be in a child seat that is not in one, and driving with more passengers than available seat belts (in cars built after 1973).
  • Know that if you are reversing, you do not need to have your self belt on.

Phone and Electronic Device Usage

In Quebec, you may not talk on the phone or text while operating a vehicle. If you are caught by police with an electronic device in your hand for any reason, you will receive three demerit points, and a minimum fine of $115.

The “Move Over” Law

This law states that you must slow down and create as much distance between you and a stopped vehicle for the safety of those stopped, and for the safety of emergency service officers. If you fail to do so you ares subject to a from $200 to $300 fine, and four demerit points.

Turning Right on Red

On the island of Montreal, you may not turn right on red at any time. Off the island, you must bring your car to a full stop, and check for oncoming and other turning vehicles before proceeding.


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