Registering an Imported Car in Quebec

If you having in imported car in Quebec, there are certain procedures you have to follow in order to ensure you can legally drive it, and that it is properly registered with the province.

Although we have included below a list of documents that will be required, it is definitely recommended that you contact the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) before going to a service center and registering your vehicle. We want to be sure you don’t run into problems by having the wrong documents.


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Documents needed to register your imported car in Quebec:

  • You will absolutely need a form of identification. You drivers license is the best choice, but it never hurts to take more than one form of ID with you (such as a passport or permanent residence card).
  • The lease contract, invoice or sales contract that pertains to the car.
  • A weight certificate.

The SAAQ recommends that you also bring with you:

For a New Vehicle
  • The information statement form for the new vehicle.
For a used vehicle
  • A certificate of mechanical inspection that was provided by a certified agent. For a list of certified mechanic inspection agencies, click here.
  • The vehicle’s registration certificate from the previous country, province and state, or the title of ownership (with the previous owner’s signature).
You may also be required to produce:
  • The vehicle import form. This is a confirmation (such as a receipt) of the purchase made between you and a vehicle retailer outside of Quebec VD-87.
  • The vehicle’s customs duty collection form.
  • If the vehicle is leased, the lessors authorization for the vehicle to be registered in Quebec for the time of the lease.


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