The AMT in Montreal

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency (AMT) in Montreal offers five commuter rail lines that cover Montreal’s metropolitan region, including Deux-Montagnes, Vaudreuil-Hudson, Saint-Jerome, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, and Candiac. Click here for fares, and schedules The AMT in Montreal is has new parking projects, to ensure users can reserve a parking spot monthly at the train station. You can see the list here and find out more if you are interested in this service.

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Fares for the AMT in Montreal

There are different types of fares for the AMT in Montreal. TRAM fares give riders access to the metro, train, bus and commuter rail networks in Montreal, and TRAIN fares give access to the commuter train network in Montreal. Single tickets and six-book tickets can also be purchased. Keep in mind the zone you are leaving from and going to in order to ensure that you purchase the correct tickets. For more informations about the fares, click here.

Opus Card: On this card you can pay for and load onto it single, monthly and ticket booklets. This costs $6 and can be used for up to four years.

Solo Carnet Card: This is a disposable smart card that can have a six-ticket booklet loaded onto it. Once the fares have been used up, the card needs to be replaced.

Solo Billet Card: On this disposable smart card which is valid for one trip only, you can load up TRAM tickets (zones 1, 2, and 3), or train tickets (zone 4, 5, 6, and 7).

AMT in Montreal: Paratransit options

Click here to learn about the paratransit options offered by AMT in Montreal, find out how to apply, or to learn more about the benefits could take advantage of.

For more detailed information about the AMT in Montreal and its services,  explore their website.


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